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The Washington Brief

A monthly forum of experts assessing risks and opportunities on the Korean Peninsula

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Dangerous geopolitical tentacles


Amb. Haim Koren, PhD

Scholar, Israeli diplomat,

former ambassador to Egypt and South Sudan

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About the Washington Brief

The Washington Brief is a monthly series sponsored by The Washington Times Foundation, a 501(c)3 private foundation devoted to encouraging the highest ideals in cultural values and public-mindedness. The Foundation supports a variety of initiatives to resolve human conflict and strengthen peace through building bridges of understanding and cooperation between people, races and cultures, systems of governance and faith traditions.

Aimed at assessing risks and opportunities on the Korean Peninsula, The Washington Brief features experts from across the nation in areas pertaining to the deeply entrenched inter-Korean conflict as well as its impact on the wider international community.

Broadcast live once a month on YouTube and www.washingtonbrief.org, our series reaches hundreds of professionals actively working in fields such as foreign affairs, public policy, the military and humanitarian efforts.

Our goal is to bring to light the pressing issue of the peaceful reunification of the Korean peninsula through educating the public and working with the most informed thinkers on Northeast Asia to offer solutions.

As our diplomacy with Pyongyang proceeds in fits and starts, the international community faces many risks and opportunities in the pursuit of the peaceful resolution of numerous hot button issues with the DPRK and deeply entrenched inter-Korean conflict. For the U.S. and the world, these include nuclear weapons and human rights. For North Korea, these are regime survival, national security, and economic modernization. Korean reunification is the big issue that sits in the back of everyone's mind.

The Washington Brief is a project of the Washington Times Foundation.

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