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Episode 7: Contemporary South Korean Attitudes Toward North Korea and Reunification with Amb. Kathleen Stephens

Livestreamed November 2, 2021

Does the younger generation of South Koreans think differently toward the North than their parents do, and especially their grandparents who fought them in a desperate war? What are the implications for eventual reunification? Our guest panelist Amb. Kathleen Stephens, President & CEO of the Korea Economic Institute of America and U.S. Ambassador to Korea (2008-11), will share her thoughts on these insightful questions.

Media Coverage
VOA, The Washington Times

Episode 6: The Back Channel: What It Takes to Get Kim Jong-Un to “Yes” with Mr. Andrew Kim

Livestreamed October 5, 2021

As the Biden Administration struggles to get the North Korean government back to the negotiation table, our distinguished guest speaker Mr. Andrew Kim, former founding Director of the CIA's Korea Mission Center, and our panel of world-renowned Korea experts examine what needs to be done to persuade the DPRK leadership to move away from its non-engagement policy and return to nuclear talks. Mr. Kim visited Pyongyang numerous times and was directly involved in arranging the top-level negotiations with the North, including both of President Trump’s summit meetings with Kim Jong-un. He will share some of the lessons learned in dealing with the DPRK Supreme Leader. We will also hear his observations and advice regarding what it needs to be done to jump start the dialogue between Washington and Pyongyang.

Media Coverage
KBS News, Yonhap News Agency, The Washington Times

Episode 5: From Nukes to Human Rights: Jump-Starting the Dialogue with North Korea with Amb. Robert R. King

Livestreamed September 7, 2021

Our panel of the world’s leading experts on North Korea, featuring Amb. Robert R. King, former special envoy for North Korean human rights issues at the Department of State (2009-17), will examine the glaring impasse in the DPRK-US relations emerging in the wake of the US-ROK joint military exercises, the botched US withdrawal from Afghanistan, Pyongyang's apparent resumption of the operation of the nuclear reactor at Yongbyon and demonstrated reluctance to accept vaccine assistance amidst the worsening wave of Delta COVID hitting the Peninsula – all on the doorstep of South Korea’s presidential elections. We’ll look at what Washington and its allies need to do to get the ball rolling again and jump-start international negotiations on nuclear issues and humanitarian concerns, including human rights, with North Korea.

Episode 4: The Biden Strategy for Dealing with a Nuclear North Korea with Mr. Sydney Seiler

Livestreamed August 3, 2021

In this episode, our guest panelist Mr. Sydney Seiler just returned from five years as the senior analyst for North Korea with the U.S. Forces in Korea, and is now the National Intelligence Officer for North Korea in the Office of the Director of National Intelligence. He is the intelligence community’s senior officer for North Korea, responsible for all analysis provided to the President, the Executive Branch and Congress. He will discuss the Biden Administration’s recent policy review for dealing with North Korea, with commentary on prospects for resolving issues with the North.

Media Coverage
The Korea Times, Yonhap News Agency, The Korea Herald, The Washington Times

Episode 3: Northeast Asia's Alternative Futures in the Shadow of a Rising China with Hon. Newt Gingrich

Livestreamed July 6, 2021

On July 1, the world was given a display of China’s might on the 100th Anniversary of the founding of the Chinese Communist Party. Deng Xiaoping, who eclipsed Mao, becoming the “Architect of Modern China,” famously counseled, “Hide your capacities, bide your time.” That China might hold cards it hasn’t shown is a sobering thought. One path: we could see the continued peaceful rise of a China focused on economic prosperity and meeting its domestic challenges. Another: China continues to look outward with coercive diplomacy and an ever-increasing arsenal. Will China have another century of CCP rule? Featuring expert panelist Hon. Newt Gingrich.

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The Washington Times

Episode 2: Taking Stock of the Biden-Moon Summit: Looking into the Future with Mr. Markus Garlauskas

Livestreamed June 1, 2021

As our diplomacy with Pyongyang proceeds in fits and starts, the international community faces many risks and opportunities in the pursuit of the peaceful resolution of numerous hot button issues with the DPRK and deeply entrenched inter-Korean conflict. For the U.S. and the world, these include nuclear weapons and human rights. For North Korea, these are regime survival, national security, and economic modernization. Korean reunification is the big issue that sits in the back of everyone's mind. We invite you to join a stimulating discussion among the most informed thinkers on Northeast Asia and the Korean Peninsula.

Media Coverage
The Washington Times

Episode 1: The Washington Brief Launch with Mr. Guy Taylor

Livestreamed May 4, 2021

Amid the continual advances and reversals in our ongoing diplomacy with the DPRK, there are opportunities to pursue the peaceful resolution of issues with North Korea. For the U.S. and the world, the issue is nuclear weapons. For North Korea, the issues are economic and political security. We invite you to join a stimulating discussion among the most informed thinkers on Northeast Asia and the Korean Peninsula.

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MSN News Korea Service, Yonhap News, The Korea Herald, The Korea Times, The Washington Times,