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Streaming October 5, 2021 at 2 PM EDT


The Back Channel: What It Takes to Get Kim Jong-Un to “Yes” 

As the Biden Administration struggles to get the North Korean government back to the negotiation table, our distinguished guest speaker Mr. Andrew Kim, former founding Director of the CIA's Korea Mission Center, and our panel of world-renowned Korea experts examine what needs to be done to persuade the DPRK leadership to move away from its non-engagement policy and return to nuclear talks. Mr. Kim visited Pyongyang numerous times and was directly involved in arranging the top-level negotiations with the North, including both of President Trump’s summit meetings with Kim Jong-un. He will share some of the lessons learned in dealing with the DPRK Supreme Leader. We will also hear his observations and advice regarding what it needs to be done to jump start the dialogue between Washington and Pyongyang.