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Livestreaming Tuesday, August 2nd at 2 PM EDT

The Korean Conundrum

We will explore key questions on the predicament facing the Korean Peninsula: What are the policy and strategic consequences of Kim Jong-un’s frantic race to develop a full spectrum of new missile and nuclear capabilities? The Ukraine war has upended geopolitics.

What lessons has Kim Jong Un drawn from Ukraine, which gave up its nuclear weapons and found Russia’s security assurances hollow? How has Ukraine affected Kim’s views and intentions? How has the Ukraine war impacted the roles of China and Russia regarding the U.S. goal of denuclearization of North Korea? Join guest panelist Robert Manning, Atlantic Council senior fellow and author, The Global Innovation Sweepstakes: The Quest to Win the Future (2018) as we examine new challenges to U.S. extended deterrence and U.S. diplomacy for addressing the Korean Conundrum.


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