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Livestreaming Tuesday, March 7th at 2 PM EST

Leadership and Issues Analysis of Putin, Xi and Kim: The Axis Challenging Democracy

Featuring Dr. Kenneth Dekleva, Senior Fellow, George H.W. Bush Foundation for U.S.-Chinese Relations

We accept that Russia, China and North Korea are allies with agendas in opposition to the principles of representative democracy. We also know the three presidents who lead these nations with top-down rule, are lynchpin figures whose personalities we should be more aware of and take into consideration when we think about what’s happening with Vladimir Putin in Ukraine, or Xi Jinping finding a path to good relations with the U.S. and Europe while maintaining his relationship with Russia, or Kim Jong-un's likelihood of returning to negotiations. Join veteran analyst Dr. Kenneth Dekleva, Bush Foundation senior fellow, former senior U.S. diplomat and clinical psychiatrist, along with former six-party talks envoy Amb. Joseph DeTrani and Georgetown University security studies professor Dr. Alexandre Mansourov in a thought-provoking discussion of world scenarios for the coming decade.

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